GreatPeople.me is a communication tool for Kroger employees. In the United States, Kroger boasts the top-selling retail chain. The employee portal is the only place where employees can access business information. Being able to access the portal has many benefits for employees.


About Kroger

According to their business statistics, they’re the second-largest retail service provider. Among the private employers on the market, the company is the fourth largest. Employees can access working hours and other details on Greatpeople.me. Through the portal straightforwardly, services such as pay-stubs, work-related data, salary, leave taken, holidays given, incentives, announcements, weekly schedules assigned to each employee, tasks, and more were accessible.

The best-selling retailer in the United States is Kroger. Kroger employees can view the Kroger program on Feed.Kroger.com, where he has created an online portal for them. The giant has a history that stretches back 137 years and has never looked back. Krager has offices in all major states and approximately 3,000 locations throughout the United States.

In a very short period of time, it has grown into a leading retail company and the second-largest supermarket in terms of revenue. Rodney McMullen is the CEO and leader of the company, which operates around 2,999 stores, 2,757 supermarkets, and 242 jewelers. Furthermore, numerous chains and Inter-American Products were considered part of Kroger Inc.


Employees of Kroger and its subsidiaries can access GreatPeople.me through a unique online portal. From day one, Kroger offers the highest standards of product and service. Schedule at Kroger is one of the best facilities Kroger provides for employees to ensure they have a comfortable and convenient working life.

This portal is available to all Kroger employees. Employee information can be found on the Greatpeople.me portal. You can access the portal at www.greatpeople.me.