Login Essentials

Kroger employees now have fewer manual tasks to do after the account registration process with GreatPeople.me. On the Kroger official portal, all day-to-day tasks are automatically updated, so delegates have accurate information on their daily tasks.


GreatPeople.me Login Essentials

Through the portal, the organization and employees are able to save a lot of time, which in turn contributes to increased productivity. The information below is for new employees who do not know what the requirements are for accessing the official portal.

  • Employees will need a computer, laptop, or smartphone in order to access the official site.
  • The smooth operation of the portal depends on a reliable internet connection.
  • A user name and password must be provided by employees who wish to log in to the portal.
  • The Kroger affiliate manager can even provide employees with the details.
  • Employees of Kroger are the only ones who can access Kroger GreatPeople.me.


Kroger employees can enjoy several perks from the GreatPeople.me portal, a unique portal where employee data such as account details, work hours, pay stubs, and corporation announcements can be viewed. Additionally, the portal offers its representatives several other benefits, such as comprehensive health insurance that includes dental and vision coverage, up to three weeks of paid vacation.

Beneficiaries may receive two years’ salary for domestic work, six weeks of unpaid parental leave, and two years of salary for domestic work. Among the perks, Kroger offers a two-week paid paternity leave and a 401(k) equivalent of 75%. There are offices in various countries where Kroger is active and has developed a lot. 

Since Kroger employs many people, the company now has a portal to manage tasks online called GreatPeople.me Kroger. The Kroger Group aims to create a platform that will allow employees to manage their tasks online in the most reliable way.