Portal Usage

The GreatPeople.me website provides business information to employees and team members of Kroger Co. and its affiliate companies. As well as business information and a personal database, registered employees can access company news, data, communications, reports, and more through the Great People Me login portal.


You can do many things on the GreatPeople.me employee portal if you can successfully log in. You are given permission to change or change the old password. Furthermore, the user can also check the employee’s working hours and work goals in addition to changing the old password.

Additionally, employees can view job-related inquiries. We regularly update our open positions, and employees can share these positions with friends and family. The official portal will notify you of any changes or updates during office hours, and staff will know when you enter the portal. The Kroger Company also provides access to its daily activities.

As Kroger employees become more accustomed to using the employee portal, GreatPeople.me, processes become more intuitive. Their work becomes more efficient this way, and they remain productive for longer periods of time. The employee portal is one of the ways Kroger responds to the challenges of its employees.


There is always up-to-date information and data on the portal, which dramatically improves the work environment and workflow. The benefits and incentives Kroger always provides each employee demonstrate Kroger’s commitment to hard work and dedication.

In addition, employees can apply for their licenses online without writing an email to the company’s human resources department. Additionally, they can learn about new business approaches and product discounts. The website allows you to do many things directly. While accessing the website, if you face any issues, you can contact the customer support team instantly for guidance. You can reach out to the customer service team at 1-800-576-4377.