Employee Queries

GreatPeople.me provides Kroger workers with 24/7 online access to their schedule, their pay details, and other details. Kroger designed this employee data portal to handle all employee information online.


As one of the largest employers in the United States, Kroger requires an online portal to handle all the possible tasks online. Kroger employees prize this platform as one of the best communication tools.

GreatPeople.me Employee Queries

How can employees access the employee portal for Kroger Great People?

There is a website called GreatPeople.me that answers this question. During business hours, Kroger representatives have access to definite details on this official website on any device.

Is there any benefit to using the Kroger Portal?

The portal provides access to work details, payrolls, and working shift information for Kroger’s registered employees.

Through the portal, can representatives communicate with Kroger management?

Employees can easily connect with management if they are registered.

The GreatPeople.me website is what?

The Kroger employee portal is an application designed by Kroger Co. to perform various tasks. The Kroger employee portal is primarily used to view hours of work and schedule shifts.

How does Kroger Express HR work?

The Kroger Express HR Login is the company’s official employee recruitment website. For the purpose of hiring supplementary employees, Kroger Co. is responsible. Additionally, all information regarding new Kroger workers is managed by this platform.

The employees can acknowledge all the work-related data and tasks simultaneously in one place. In addition to paychecks, work hours, advertising, the number of holidays, and business updates, employees can learn to follow questionnaires related to payroll, work hours, advertising, project scheduling, and much more.

If you can log in to GreatPeople.me, you will have access to many features. You are permitted to change or change the old password. The employee can also evaluate her work hours and her performance goals by changing her old password.